5 Crazy Expensive Things on Amazon

February 28, 2014

photo by mikeblogs

I was writing about Amazon and some facts about it in a previous post when I got to perusing some things that caught my eye (mainly a huge flat screen TV).  As I ventured further into the abyss that is the Amazon marketplace I began to see certain items where the price didn’t match the item, or maybe it did?  I got to wondering–what are the most expensive items at Amazon and how much money do you have to plunk down to get them?

 What I found from my truly exhaustive research on the topic was interesting and some of it was hilarious.  One example was for a baseball card reported by others, offered for $1.25 million.  The price has since been changed to $346, so obviously someone got a little jumpy putting in the price.  Many of the items that others had found were merely typos by people that sold through the Amazon marketplace, and I think after seeing the errors of their ways, changed the price, but not before many people had put in their own, uh, interesting reviews.  Here are five items that I think are legit, and some not so legit.  If you have the money you can click the buy now button and own them yourselves.

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Photo by samsungtomorrow/flickr

1.  Samsung 85 inch Ultra HDTV – Now this a TV that anyone would want in their living room (if it would fit) or maybe on the side of their house.  Its offered at $39,997.99, and yes, that is correct.  I have no clue how awesome this TV is, or what it can do, but when I saw that it had 1,490 reviews I thought I must be in the wrong line of business.  I wondered how many people could afford a TV like this, or something was fishy in river city.  It wasn’t until I read the reviews when I realized that it had become a comedic forum board.  You could read for hours and laugh your head off at some of the so called “reviews”.  Some reviewers have full stories on how they managed to make such a purchase.  It makes for some fun reading and you can check it out here.  See for yourself.

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Not the actual lens but you get the idea – Photo by atelier_nikon/flickr

 2.  Nikon 18-105mm Autofocus Lens and other stuff – This is one of those obvious typos (I sure hope so) because this package can be picked up for a paltry $150,000.  But wait, it does come with free shipping.  Its also has other nice things added with it; such as a lens hood, lens cleaning system, and a microfiber cloth.  Again, I know Nikon is a great brand and top of the line equipment, and I have no clue of the performance of this product, but this one may be a touch overpriced.  See for yourself here.

3.  5.10 ct Natural Untreated Ruby – I don’t know anything about gems.  I just know they’re expensive most of the time, so I have to believe the price on the ruby is correct (I guess).  This one can be purchased for $123,420.  I wouldn’t feel to comfortable with the UPS guy dropping this off on my doorstep if I wasn’t home, however.  Check it out here.

4.  Michael Kors Hanover Sunglasses – I had never seen a $100,000 pair of sunglasses before, and after a little checking, I really wasn’t.  This pair is shown for that price and there’s only one left, so hurry over.  But a little warning, I found the same pair for 64 bucks.  See it here.

5.  Demaco Extruder 3001 Pasta Machine – You have to just to see it to believe it about this beast of a pasta maker.  If you love pasta, and I mean LOVE pasta, then this is your machine.  It processes at 250/lb per hour so you could feed your whole neighborhood; maybe your whole town.  It will cost you though, it’s $125,000.  But the pasta machine wasn’t even close to being the most expensive on this page.  For $350,000 you can serve all that pasta up on the Genroku Era / Edo Period Nabeshima Blue Underglaze Porcelain Platter, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Have you found some interesting or quirky items for sale?  Or what is the most unusual thing you have purchased at Amazon?  Please share, we all need a good laugh on what we could never afford, or may not think to buy.

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