Fun and Amazing Facts About LEGO

October 21, 2014

450px LegoAtMOA

We played with them as a kid. And now they’re a great excuse to have kids, as long as you don’t step on them in the middle of the night (the LEGOs not the kids).  I’m talking about LEGO, and they’ve been delighting (and frustrating) millions of people for decades.  Here’s an infographic quick guide to the amazing world of LEGO.

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More Amazing Facts About LEGO

800px James May's Lego House nears completion
Gaius Cornelius/Wikimedia Commons

James May of Surrey, Great Britain made the world’s full-size house made entirely out of LEGO bricks, 3.3 million bricks to be exact.  The house took 1,200 volunteers over a month to build and was demolished shortly thereafter.  The bricks were then donated to charity.  The building of the house was done for May’s television series, James May’s Toy Stories.  You may recognize May’s name if you’ve ever seen the UK version (and original) Top Gear.  He is one of the co-hosts of the program.

In Budapest, Hungary, the world’s tallest LEGO tower was constructed from 450,000 bricks and rose to a height of 114 feet.  It was topped with a Hungarian built Rubik’s Cube.

According to Warner Bros. Pictures, in order to make The LEGO Movie the creators used a total of 3,863,484 LEGO bricks mixed with computer animation.  To make the entire film would have required 15,080,330 bricks, making the filming cost prohibitive.

What’s was (or is) your favorite set or do you have something to add?  Please comment below and feel free to share the infographic.  I Hope you enjoyed it.  Now I must return to building.


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