Why NASA Had to Relabel a Certain Part of an Astronaut’s Spacesuit

Daniel Ganninger
June 21, 2024

NASA had to relabel the penis sleeve for urinating in space suits from “small, medium, and large” to “large, gigantic, and humongous” because male astronauts would only choose the large, and the sleeve would end up being too loose.

This particular sleeve for a male astronaut’s private part was attached to the Maximum Absorbent Garment, or MAG, in the spacesuit. It was basically a large, absorbent diaper.

The designations, “large, gigantic, and humongous,” are probably not “official” NASA designations and are more likely an inside joke between astronauts and the waste-management scientists.

But the problem of picking a smaller size of sleeve or even one that was too large was real. If an astronaut had a size too small, the urine wouldn’t flow and would back up, and if it was too large, the astronaut could find themselves in a real predicament because the urine would leak and flow into the garment. This is not an ideal situation while floating around in space.

With human nature as it is, especially with male astronauts, it’s no doubt that they wanted to be thought of as being “well-endowed” while also not urinating on themselves in the process.

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