About Knowledge Stew

Knowledge Stew came about because of my fascination with seemingly useless facts, that at many times aren’t that useless.  If you’ve ever started a sentence with, “Hey, did you know that…” then you’ve come to the right place.  I’ve managed to annoy quite a few people with that beginning statement.

I found that many sites for fun and/or amazing facts were lacking in the real fact department.  They were just a collection of videos or other bizarre things that hardly bordered on anything factual or learning.  With Knowledge Stew, I try to write things I’m interested in knowing the answer about and things that are actually interesting, while digging deeper on the facts behind the facts.  I hope that some of the things will make you go, “Hmm…I didn’t know that,” or, “Hmm…I forgot about about that.”  From science to history, and technology to entertainment, Knowledge Stew covers almost any topic that your brain can handle.  The motto of Knowledge Stew is “Make yourself a litter smarter today,” and I hope something on the site will do just that for you.

I strive to find at least three verifiable, independent, reliable sources for each of the facts or articles.  If I can’t find them, I don’t write about them.  With that said, I’m not the best at including them all on every article, but you will see them on every Random Fact of the Week post and the majority of other posts.  Sometimes I just forget to add them in, but I am getting better at it.  Overall this site is for fun and entertainment and not intended to be a scholarly work, even though I hope you really do learn something from what is offered.  A quick Google search always helps if you have concerns.

While I am the primary writer of Knowledge Stew, I’m also an author of fiction novels.  In between writing the action/adventure series, the Case Files of Icarus Investigations, I work on the Knowledge Stew blog.  In addition, I have released the first Knowledge Stew book, called Knowledge Stew: The Guide to the Most Interesting Facts in the World-Volume 1.  It is a collection from the site as well as new things that you may find interesting.  Another volume is upcoming. You can see all my books on my author site.

So please, sit back and enjoy.  I hope you find things as interesting as I do.
Happy Reading,

Daniel Ganninger