Breaktime for 10 Various Interesting Things #2

February 26, 2018

breaktime 2Time to take a break in the day and check out 10 random things found on the internet that don’t require to much thinking but are very interesting.


#1 Paper Sculptures


#2 World’s Longest Zipline


#3 Ice On a Trampoline



#4 Railway Track Laying Machine


#5 Golden Gate Bridge Road Zipper


#6 Huge Remote Controlled 747 Airplane


#7 Trees Growing Out of a Stump

tree stump


#8 An Interesting Stop Motion Film


#9 Going Straight Up a Rock Wall


#10 Shooting Bubble Rings

That’s it for now. Check out Interesting Things to use up more time in your day.

About the author 

Daniel Ganninger - The writer, editor, and chief lackey of Knowledge Stew, the author of the Knowledge Stew line of trivia books, and editor of Fact World and the Knowledge Stew sister site on Medium, our ad-free subscription sites. I hope you learn many new things here that add to your knowledge.

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