Elvis has left the Whitehouse – Amazing Facts About the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll

October 23, 2014

Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll, was one interesting cat, man.  His life was scattered with numerous oddities and fascinating facts.  One of the most amazing was his desire to meet with the President of the United States.  The King had some important things to discuss.   

To describe Elvis’s life as “interesting” would be an understatement.  He had a pet monkey named Scatter, he dyed his hair black from his natural blonde (to appear more edgy), his crew was known as the “Memphis Mafia” and had gold and diamond rings with the letters “TCB” scrolled on top (for “Taking care of Business”).  The King made 31 movies and 2 music documentaries and recorded over 600 songs; none of which he wrote.  But he made 149 of these songs appear in the top 100, 114 in the top 40, 40 in the top 10, and 18 into number one hits.  Despite a huge worldwide following, Elvis only performed 5 shows outside of the U.S., and all of those shows were in Canada.  The only time he was in Great Britain was during a layover after a plane flight.  And the list goes on, and on, and on…

Now we can go on to the drugs.  They deserve a list all their own.  There is no doubt Elvis was a pro at taking vast quantities of narcotics later in his career.  Even an elephant couldn’t compete.  His personal physician testified that Elvis had been prescribed, by him, over 5,000 narcotic capsules and pills in the seven months before he died.  Great doctor, right?  The autopsy later revealed that he had eight different barbiturates and narcotics in his body at the time of his death, but the Chief Medical Examiner of Tennessee at the time signed that the cause of death was coronary problems–hmmm…you think?

440px Elvis Letter to Nixon R 013 Page 1 of 6There is no doubt that Elvis is clearly a fascinating character, but the one factoid I seem to find the most interesting–and I don’t know why–was about the famous meeting between Richard Nixon and Elvis.  Elvis penned a letter on American Airlines stationary while up in the air about meeting with the President to discuss drug abuse by the youth of America. He wanted to clean things up.  The ironic thing was, Elvis wrote the letter while on drugs.  Elvis got his meeting with the president–after giving up his personal Colt .45 pistol to the Secret Service.  He then convinced the President to name him as a Federal Agent at Large in the fight against drugs, and after a little convincing, Elvis got his badge from Nixon.  It was later reported that Elvis used his new badge to assist motorists after accidents or to pull them over for speeding.  I’m not sure if he did it in his velvet suit, however.  It was more than a year later that the Washington Post broke the story about the clandestine meeting. 

Nixon examining the cufflinks of Elvis
The oddities in Elvis’ life many times overshadowed his works of charity, which there were many, but even after his death in 1977, Elvis continues to pack ‘em in.  Graceland receives over 600,000 visitors a year, and there are over 400 Official Elvis fan clubs in the world.  Way to go King.  

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