All the facts behind the facts in each issue of the Completely Random Facts of the Week.

facts header74The Light from the Pillars of Creation, The Head Heat Loss Myth, The Heisman Trophy Model, The First Use of Listerine, and A Booth Saves a Lincoln.
facts header73How Snoopy Got His Name, Mozart’s Younger Years, A Brand New Mineral, An Amazing Landing, and Death at Sea.
facts header72A study that studied studies, a really long ping-pong point, Play-Doh’s original use, the first gold rush, and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s name origin.
facts header71Why pepper makes you sneeze, the inventor of the granola bar, the origin of the Vulcan Nerve Grip, an unfortunate trading mistake, and how much the tooth fairy makes.
randomfactsheader70The Only Non-Elected President, Multiplying Starbucks, Hole-In-One Insurance, A Really Big and Expensive Ranch, and the Depopulation of Venice.
randomfacts69A Top-Heavy World, Chipolte Start, DUNE Rejected, The Super Strong Jet Stream, and The Danger of a Lion’s Tongue.

randomfacts68A Misplaced Coin Design, the Domino’s Logo, Disneyland’s Hidden Basketball Court, the Start of Trivial Pursuit, the English Word with the Most Meanings.

randomfacts67Ocean Levels, a Bachelor President, IMAX Projectors, Silent Owls, and a Statue’s Cone Headgear
randomfacts66The Amazing Liver, Ulysses S. Grant’s Real Name, Los Angeles Moving North, Chances of Getting in the NFL, and Brilliant Boss Hogg
random facts 65A Cycling Airbag, Never Drunk Hamsters, Button on the Top of a Hat, The Longest Muscle in the Body, and The Pringles Guy
random facts 64
World’s Smallest Restaurant, A London George Washington, Nepal Earthquake, Origin of Nintendo’s Mario, and Two Quiet Submarines
randomfactsheader63What R2D2 Means, Tetris Origin, A Bad Police Program, Lost and Found Mail, and Damaged Australian Money
randomfacts62A Solid Gold Medal, Russian Machetes in Space, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, A Day and Year on Venus, and the Origin of Alma Mater
randomfactsheader61A German Salt Mountain, Why Elsa Wasn’t a Villain, Cereal and a Roman Goddess, A New Skeleton, and the Origin of a Greenhorn
randomfacts60An Earth Twin, Why Cats Aren’t Vegan, A World Record Roller Coaster Ride, Dolly Parton’s Marriage, and Maryland’s Strange State Sport
randomfacts59Origin of Scooby-Doo, Taking Shoes Off in Japan, A Mickey Mouse Clone, Bees in Space, and San Fran’s Earthquake Proof Airport
randomfactsheader58Samsung Origins, Wombat Poop, Moaning Myrtle, Daniel Webster Denied, and Van Morrison’s Quick Album
randomfacts header57Stolen Sand, Facebook Pirate, the Missing Fire Hydrant Patent, Origin of the Mortgage, and the Most Expensive Overdue Book
randomfactsheader56Dinner Literally in the Sky, A Not So High Temperature, A Wine Bottle’s Backside, The Giant Big Bird, and Headphones that Aren’t a Steal
randomfactsheader55A Norwegian Butter Crisis, Two Boring Towns, The Strong Pinky Finger, Origin of the Ten-Gallon Hat, and The Michelin Man’s First Name


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