Random Facts of the Week – Page 2


randomfacts54Gustave Eiffel’s Apartment, Intentional Map Mistakes, Saudi Arabia’s Imported Sand, Myanmar Banned Movies, and Japanese Fanta Soda
uselessfactsheader53A Wireless Tesla Statue, VEGEMITE, British Tea Tanks, Fruit Salad Tree, and The Punt Gun
uselessfactsheader52Finland’s Growing Size, Ferris Bueller, Extreme Credit Cards, The Nutella Origin, and McDonald’s Sesame Seed Buns
uselessfactsheader51The Widest Avenue, A Popcorn Giant, The Titanic Posing, An Unsolved Scotland Yard Mystery, and a Skyscraper Not Built for Looking Out a Window
uselessfacts header50Neptune’s Winds, Banned Swedish Baby Names, The Origin of Earth’s Name, The Extinct Californian State Bear, and The Real Fear of a Mother-In-Law
uselessfacts header49A Stolen Highway Sign, The Long Guinness Brewery Lease, Gilligan’s Island in the City, A Lifeboat Mystery, and The Boat of Elvis
uselessfacts 48The World’s Deepest Postbox, The Start of Bloomingdale’s, The Dalai Lama and the CIA, The World’s Food Supply, and The Beards of ZZ Top
uselessfacts header47Missing Moon Rocks, A Confusing Food Tax, The World’s Largest Truffle, A Novel Without “E”, and The Licks to the Center of a Tootsie Pop
uselessfacts header46The Golfing Loch Ness Monster, Streets Paved in Gold, Pricey Traffic Fines, A Non-Profit Airline, and Hendrix vs. The Monkees
uselessfactsheader45The Tongue-Twister Hawaiian Fish, The Infinity Symbol, Mailing Bricks, The Banana Clone, and the Least Opened Museum
uselessfacts header44Interstate Highway Numbering, Slipping a Mickey, Mystery Dum Dums, A Car Moose Test, and the Thing on the End of a Flagpole
uselessfacts header43Russian typewriters, the Metal Eraser Holder, Karaoke Meaning, Dish in Texas, and the U.S Highest and Lowest Point
uselessfacts header42Do Drugs Pencils, NYC Taxis, Cats Claws, An Odd Sears & Roebuck Purchase, and the Famous Yellow Line of Sports
uselessfacts header41An Unknown Boston Concert Hall, UK Speeding Cyclists, The Dedicated Honeybee, An Overweight World, and Wilson From Cast Away
uselessfacts header40Yahtzee Origins, The Golden Gate’s Color, Isolated Hawaii, The Real Chef Boyardee, and The Amazing Cardboard Box


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