All About Barbecue! The Hotspots, History, and BBQ vs. Grilling

October 13, 2014


Where are the barbecue hotspots in the U.S. and how are they different?  Also a short history of barbecue and the difference between barbecue and grilling, all in this infographic.

The United States has a wide and varied barbecue culture, much more than shown here.  There are local variations on sauces, styles, rubs, meat choice, and how it’s cooked.  The barbecue styles from one region to another have a uniqueness all their own.


What’s your favorite barbecue joint and where is it at?  What do they serve there and what is your favorite (and maybe second favorite)?

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  • Cooking is more an art then a science. Ditch the rule book and feel your way thruogh the process. Corn starch is also a good option in place of flour. But add it towards the end of cooking in either case. You could also add a bit of browning sauce to make it look like what you buy in can form in regards to beef stew. Either way, cook, play, have fun and don’t worry about the minutes, it’s all done when it’s done, and not a moment sooner!Just my opinion, thanks.

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