Odd Stew – Weird and Bizarre News – Issue 9

November 23, 2015

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Another issue of the Odd Stew: oddities plus other bizarre, strange, and fascinating things that have happened in the news that you may have missed.

A Special Day Out at a Toilet Themed Restaurant

There’s a cafe in central Moscow that just opened called the “Crazy Toilet” cafe that takes theme restaurants to a whole new level. Patrons to the restaurant get to eat from toilet-shaped dishes and even sit on toilets while enjoying their lunch. The food even has a lovely fecal theme, and the diner can be entertained by the many fecal objects and cartoons throughout the establishment.  This might not be the place to take a first date. A similar toilet-themed restaurant opened in Los Angeles in 2013 called The Magic Restroom Cafe. Maybe one of these will be opening up near you.

Test Out That Ink Before Committing

Tattoos are a permanent thing, but a Philadelphia business is giving people a chance to test out that new tattoo before its etched into their skin forever. Momentary Ink will give a person a temporary tattoo that feels like the real thing so they can try it out before making that final decision. The business came in response to people getting more meaningful and more complex tattoos. Instead of just a drawing from an artist to see what the final result will be, would-be tattoo receivers get the real thing, just without the permanence. This gives them an idea how the tattoo will hold up to all the things they would regularly do in their lives and also allows them to see if what they chose was really what they wanted.

Each tattoo lasts between three and ten days depending on where on the body it is placed. The special combination ink the business uses is a secret. They hope to start spreading the concept to tattoo shops because currently the Momentary Ink tattoos are only available through their website.

Look Out For Flying Sheep

A Singapore Airlines flight that was bound for Malaysia had to make an emergency landing because the group of sheep it was carrying set off the plane’s smoke alarm due to the buildup of gas from manure.  2,186 sheep were being carried aboard the flight which had to land in Bali because of the alarm.  But Singapore Airlines is refuting the report that was made by The Aviation Herald, a site that covers aviation incidents. The airline contends that the sheep were not the cause of the problem and that it was not confirmed.  The Aviation Herald said that they got their information from a report from Denpasar Airport in Bali. There were some discrepancies in The Aviation Herald’s reporting because the animals may in fact have been goats instead of sheep, and the origin of the flight was Adelaide, Australia, not Sydney, as The Aviation Herald had originally reported. But the Tribun Bali reported the same story as The Aviation Herald. There was reportedly smoke billowing from the compartment of the Boeing 747 cargo aircraft, and a high CO2 level triggered the alarm.

Making a Statement

A Russian performance artist named Pyotr Pavlensky set the entrance to Russia’s Federal Security Service on fire using a lighter and a can of gasoline. He called his rather impromptu piece “Threat”. Pavlensky wasn’t immediately charged but was later picked up for vandalism.  The Federal Security Service is the principal security service of Russia and the successor to the KGB. This isn’t the first time Pavlensky has had his particular works of art in the news. He once cut off part of his right earlobe for an art piece while sitting naked on a fence, and his most controversial piece occurred in 2013 when he hammered part of his scrotum into the cobblestones in Red Square. He called this particular piece, “Fixation”. It’s not known whether he’s available for kids parties.

A Robber with a Penchant for Cookies

A man and an accomplice suspected in robbing 33 fast-food restaurants in Houston was finally caught. The robber had been dubbed the “Cookie Monster” robber because he would demand a cookie to accompany the cash he was stealing. Eugene Bradshaw would enter the restaurants with a bag over his hand, demand cash, demand cookies, and then leave with both. There was no reason given why the robber needed so many cookies.

Not Weird or Bizarre, and Hopefully Will Happen More Often

Carol Suchman did something pretty amazing.  When she found out a New York City toy shop was going out of business, she bought all of their remaining stock and donated all of it to the New York City Department of Homeless Services. The toys will go to homeless children in the city. She had bought toys at the store before for children in the Brooklyn foster system, and this time she bought everything. She negotiated a price for the remaining stock, and volunteers helped box and bag the toys, puzzles, games, and stuffed animals. They will be given out during the Christmas holidays.

Thanks for reading another issue of the Odd Stew.  Check back again next week for more bizarre and weird things that you may have missed in your news feed.

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