How Well Do You Know the U.S. States? Take this Quiz to Find Out!

May 24, 2024

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Are you skilled in all areas geographic? Find out some great facts about the states of the United States by discovering how much you know about them in this quiz. What fictional soup will you be awarded for the number you get correct?

Which state has the longest continuous ocean coastline?

A) Hawaii
B) Alaska
C) California
D) Florida

Alaska has the longest ocean coastline in the US at 6,640 miles, greater than that of all other coastal states combined. The longest freshwater coastline belongs to Michigan at 3,288 miles.

Which is the only state to have a different design on the front and back of their flag?

A) Montana
B) Texas
C) Oregon
D) Virginia

The flag of Oregon has an escutcheon from the state seal on one side and a gold picture of a beaver on the other. Massachusetts used to be the only other state with a two-sided flag until it was changed to a single side in 1971.


Which state is home to the country’s only royal palace?

A) California
B) Vermont
C) Florida
D) Hawaii

Hawaii. The Iolani Palace is in the capital district of Honolulu and was once the residence of the monarchs of Hawaii. The last monarch was overthrown in 1893. The palace was restored in 1978 and is a public museum.

Iolani Palace

Which state has the longest main street in the entire United States?

A) Idaho
B) Kentucky
C) Texas
D) Ohio

Island Park, Idaho, has the longest main street in the world. It runs 33 miles and stretches along US route 22 leading to Yellowstone National Park. The town only has about 215 people and is only 500 feet wide in some places. Its strange boundaries date to 1947 and were put in place to get around the liquor laws in the state of Idaho. The longest main street without a cross street is in Potosi, Wisconsin. It runs for three miles.

Which state has 98% of the world’s crayfish?

A) Michigan
B) Louisiana 
C) Mississippi
D) Alabama

Louisiana, and almost all of Louisiana’s crayfish, or crawfish, or crawdads, are harvested by aquaculture.

Which state has the most easterly point in the contiguous United States?

A) Florida
B) North Carolina
C) Maine
D) Massachusetts

The most easterly point in the US is West Quoddy Head, Maine, and it’s the closest point to Europe. The West Quoddy Head Lighthouse is the easternmost structure in the US.

Map of Maine NA

In which state was Coca-Cola first bottled?

A) Tennessee
B) Ohio
C) Georgia
D) Mississippi

Coca-Cola was first bottled in 1894 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, by Joseph A. Biedenham. Coca-Cola had been invented in 1886 in Atlanta but was not bottled there. Biedenham developed the process for bottling the drink.

In which state was “Smokey the Bear” from?

A) Washington
B) New Mexico
C) Colorado
D) Wyoming

New Mexico. “Smokey Bear” was a cub orphaned by the Capitan Gap fire in Lincoln National Forest in 1950. He was buried in Smokey Bear Historical State Park in 1976.


Which state has the lowest point of elevation in the US?

A) Nevada
B) Florida
C) California
D) Wisconsin

California’s Death Valley is at 282 feet below sea level. The next lowest is New Orleans, Louisiana, at 8 feet below sea level. The third lowest point in the United States is shared by 22 states whose lowest points are at sea level.

Which state’s name comes from the Indian word for “friends.”

A) Texas
B) Illinois
C) Minnesota
D) Nebraska

Texas. “Tejas” was the Spanish spelling for the Caddo Indian word “taysha,” which the East Texas Indians used before the arrival of the Spanish. It was believed to mean “friends” or even “allies.”

What kind of fictional bowl of soup did you get for your correct answers?

9–10 Correct: Knowledge Stew (of course), Packed with vitamins and minerals.
7–8 Correct: Minestrone, Hearty and healthy.
5–6 Correct: Chicken Soup, Good to the last drop.
4–5 Correct: Gazpacho, It’s good, but cold.
0–3 Correct: A Cup of Broth, might want to try again.

Thanks for playing. Now it’s time to give Part 2 a try.

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